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Z E M A C H   P R O D U C T I O N S Ltd.
Since its inception, Zemach Productions has become a multi-functional company specializing in the promotion, production, and organization of national events, theater, ballet, folk dancing, art and artists, including many internationally acclaimed performers of the entertainment world.

Zemach attributes the success of his company to the professionalism of his staff, who over the years have built and developed a reputation of credibility and trust throughout the industry. The team’s cooperative effort, efficiency, and dedication are evident in their performance on each and every project/production they undertake.
Over the last thirty years ZEMACH PRODUCTIONS has been the industry leader, incorporating a range of universally acclaimed presentations and promotions all over Israel, leaving no doubt as to the proficiency and integrity of the company and its professional staff.

No organization in Israel has the capacity or skill to coordinate and encompass all the various roles and responsibilities required to stage an event from inception to completion: planning, pre-production, public relations, advertising, transportation, visas, licenses, storage, sound and lighting, catering and assembling the different unions. The company also organizes private events and weddings.

Daniela Brovinsky, managing director, has been with the company almost from the beginning.

DR . Bracha Zemach, Shmuel’s wife
former dancer and ballet teacher, is the company’s consultant.

is the first Israeli born producer/promoter whose hard work made him the best in the field. Self-educated, ZEMACH learned how to create outstanding productions in art, entertainment, music, musical theater and dance.
Beginning in the city of Petach Tikva’s (where he grew up) Municipality Youth Department, ZEMACH started out organizing events for various youth organizations. He was appointed a member of the ‘10 Years State of Israel Celebrations Committee’ and became a representative for the Kibbutzim Movement Festival, an annual art/entertainment festival taking place in Haifa. In time, ZEMACH was sent by the Prime Minister’s office to the United States in order to acquire further knowledge, experience and expertise in organizing and coordinating events, exhibitions and sight and sound shows.

ZEMACH was later appointed Adm. Director of the Giora Godik Theater, producer of the musicals:
My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof,
and more. Since then SHMUEL has become an
independent promoter and producer. He is also
the impresario, agent and personal manager of
many leading Israeli artists.

SHMUEL ZEMACH was awarded:
• Life Acheivement Award - Association of Israeli Artists
• Life Acheivement Award - Israel Theater Academy
• President and Chairman (25 years) The Israeli Association of Impresarios & Promoters
• Member, Board of Directors - Israel Theater Award
• Member, Board of Directors - Variety Club Isreal
• Member, Board of Directors - Department of Arts Tel Aviv - Jaffa Municipality
• Member of the Israel Theater Prize Committee
• Honor Citizen of Tel Aviv awarded by the Mayor

Yoav Zemach L.L.B, Shmuel's son
Although graduated as a lawyer, it has been his wish, his desire and dream to be in show-biz, in general and in live music industry specifically.

As a child and as an adolescent, he was always on stages, back stages, venues, arenas, stadiums and theatres, being part of productions. Naturally, after his graduation Yoav became production manager and later on executive producer and promoter.

YOAV is the acting financial, legal and marketing consultant of the company. In the past few years, Yoav has taken a large part in the executive managing, production and public relations of the company.



• Frank Sinarta
• Paul Simon
• Simon & Garfunkel
• Metallica
• Guns N’ Roses
• Aerosmith
• The Golden Gate
• Roberta Flack
• Odetta
• Judy Collins
• Joan Baez
• Pete Seeger
• Tina Turner
• Cleo Laine
• Dizzi Gillespie
• Paul Anka
• Elton John
• Eric Clapton
• The Shadows
• Rod Stewart
• Leonard Cohen
• Jacques Brel
• Enrico Macias
• Joe Dassin
• Adamo
• Barbara
• George Moustaki
• Juliette Greco
• Nana Mouskouri
• Mercedes Sosa
• Natalia Oreiro
• Andre Heller
• Manitas de Plata &
• Julio Iglesias
• Pavarotti
• Jean Pierre Rampal
• Maurice Andre
• Barry Tuckwell
• Rostropovitch
• Moscow Virtuosi Orchestra
(Spivakov )
• Berlin Opera
Nabucco & Giselle
• Helicon Opera, Moscow
Carmen, Boris Godunov, Mazepa
Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk
• Stanislavsky Opera, Moscow
Betrothal at the Monastery

• 100 Years of Zionist settlement
Exhibition - a huge production
which spread over 5 acres with
pavilions, reproduction of
historical structures, sound and
lights effects, multimedia shows
• Nostalgia Show with Shaike Ofir
• Musical with Palmach Songs
• Israels’ 19th, 20th and 25th
Independence Day Celebrations
• The Rothschilds - Musical
• 75 Years to Jewish National Fund
• Jerusalem Day Celebrations
• Convention and Major Events
for Israel Defense Forces and
Israeli Government
• Producer of Les Miserables
Recipient of First Prize for
Musicals by Israel Theater Award
- open air SHOW
This annual mega-event, in the Yarkon
Park in Tel Aviv (with an audience
of 200,000 people) opening by the Prime Minister of Israel, is in commemoration of the victory over the Nazis and in celebration of Israel’s Independence Day.

The show is produced and promoted for immigrants from the prior Soviet Union and Russia.
This production is a joint venture in
association with the Ministry of Absorption,the Municipalty of Tel Aviv and the Israeli Russian Television Channel - RTVI.
Among the Performing Artists:
• Philip Kirkorov
• Valery Leontiev
• Igor Nikolaev
• Dima Bilan
• “Viagra”
• Christina Orbakayte
• Natasha Korolova
• Anjelika Varum
• “RukI Verch”
• Oleg Gazmanov
• Michael Shafutinsky
• “Lube”
• “Blestiaschie”
• Verka Serduchka
• Larisa Dolina
• Valery Meladze
• Leonid Agutin
 THEATRE & Musicals
•Harold PinterThe Home Coming
• Othello, William Shakespeare
• Ian MaKellen doing Shakespeare
• Lord Byron, Derek Jacobi
& Isla Blair
• Habeas Corpus, Alan Bennett
• Geraldine McEwen performing
Jane Austin
• The Brothers - Actors from the BBC TV Series
• Reduced Shakespeare Company
• Mamma Mia Musical
• Ipi Tombi - Academy Theatre
• The Mannenquins, Wielki Theatre
• Agnes of God
• Porgy & Bess - Musical
• West Side Story – Musical
• Comedie Fancaise Actors
Phedre, written by Racine
• Michael Jabanieski
• Eugen Yevtushenko
• Laterna Magica

• London Festival Ballet
• Ballet de Strasbourg
• Ballet de l’Opera de Paris
• Australian National Ballet
• American Folk Ballet
• Fiesta Filippina
• Mazowsze
• Polish National Group
• Viva Mexico
• Brazil Tropical
• National Ballet of Spain
• Antonio Canales, Spain
• The Bolshoi Ballet of
(Academy and Soloists)
Eifman Ballet Theatre of Saint Petersburg (since 1999)
Red Giselle
Russian Hamlet
Don Quixotte
Who Is Who
Don Juan
The Seagull
Anna Karenina
• Antonio Gades Company
• Philippine Ballet Company
• Ballet Opera Berlin with Galina & Valery Panov
• Antonio Marquez Company Fuego, Spain
• Tango X 2 Company, Argentina
• Alvin Ailey American Dance Company

• Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
in Germany Conductor - Zubin Metha
• Israel Philharmonic Orchstra in Warsaw
Conductor - Zubin Metha
• Cameri Theater Tour in Poland & Germany
• Bat-Dor Dance Co. Tour in Poland
• Organization of National Mission to USA - Bicentennial Celebrations
Israeli production in English
selection of Broadway and
West End Musicals produced
for Alte Opera Frankfurt and
Deutche Theater Munich
(80 participants)
• Israeli Week in Frankfurt
• Artistic part of the late
Prime Minister Rabin’s Official
visit to Moscow
• London, Wembley
The Spirit of Israel
• Germany, Israel Feieret Jubilaum
Producer of an Israeli Musical
Production in 11 opera houses
in Germany starting at Berlin
Opera House

Shmuel Zemach

Shmuel Zemach

Yoav Zemach

Yoav Zemach

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